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“I like Zero in general because, in part, it reminds me of Tesla: It’s a West Coast company applying new technology and a fresh, novel approach to a somewhat stagnant industry.”                                                                                                         --Forbes

“Like electric cars, electric motorcycles are clean and efficient, but that’s not why people buy them. The real reason is that they’re a blast to ride, as we were recently reminded with some seat time on the latest bikes from Zero Motorcycles.”                                                                      -- Consumer Reports


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“Way more Porsche than Prius, the Zero’s electric motor delivers an instantaneous 70 lb-ft of torque.”                                                               -- Men’s Journal

2019 DS/ DSR Starting at $10,995ere.

2019 S/ SR Starting at $10,995ere.

“This is the sort of bike that flips switches in people’s brains. Every single dyed-in-the-wool, petrolhead biker that took this thing around the block said a different version of the same thing: wow, that’s awesome, I want one.”                                                                                          --Gizmag.com

What other's are saying....

“Wow! Hella fast, superfun…smoked everything on the track in its path. Props to the Zero!”                                                                               --Motorcycle.com

2019 FXS Starting at $8,495ere.

2019 FX Starting at $8,495ere.

“Around town, the SR is a fun and fast commuter. Stoplight to stoplight, the SR will smoke just about any automobile, and we love its stealthy manner.”                                                                 -- Cycle World